We have a team of specialists in every field of Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Endodontics.

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  • Diagnosis of oral disease in the earlier stages.
  • Facial asymmetries, Upper and Lower jaw relations, TM joint abnormalities, palate, Tongue, Cheek, teeth will be completely examined

24/7 services provided for facial fractures, facial infections, Abscesses in the oral region leading to cellulitis.
Restriction in mouth opening
Emergency treatments for tooth related pain & swellings,
Extrusion from tooth socket(Avulsion)

Radiological investigations like x-ray of single tooth ( IOPAR), latest technology with least radiation exposure (Momad) is used .

Diagnosis of Gum disease, pregnancy & hormone related gum disease
Treatments for bad breathe, loose tooth, bleeding gums, sensitivity of teeth.
Scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning)

Root canal treatment for deep caries involvement.
Smile designing, bleaching (teeth whitening)
Dental tattoo.
Tooth coloured filling.

Biocompatible implants to replace missing tooth
Fixed permanent tooth replacement
Immediate implants (Implants placed in place of infected teeth immediately after removal)

Laminates and veneers for cosmetic enhancement
Zirconia crowns & bridges
Flexible dentures,cast partial dentures,precision attachments,over dentures & immediate dentures
Teeth bleaching
Tooth jewellery
Smile designing

Surgical removal of wisdom tooth which have been infected ,irregularly placed & causing cheek bite
Major & minor surgical procedures involving oral cavity
Orthognathic & pre prosthetic surgeries

Proclined ,rotated,irregularly placed,forward placed teeth
Tooth colored braces
Lingual orthodontics(braces placed inner side of teeth)
Invisalign orthodontic braces(invisible braces)
Self ligating braces-easy & faster treatment

All the surgical procedures can be done painlessly with no stitches, no bleeding & better healing with less chair side time.
Post operative healing is faster & better

Preventive Program Package( Dental )

Awareness regarding the oral cancer and other diseases.
Awareness regarding oral hygiene methods comprising of professional care and home care
Awareness regarding harmful oral habits, such as smoking and Tobacco chewing

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