Why Dry Needling might be the answer to your pains

This modern treatment could relieve chronic pain

A significant population of India suffers from chronic pain, yet very few consult pain management specialists. Chronic pain is of concern to patients and reduces their quality of life. When pain occurs it may not leave for several weeks and become frustrating.

A notable size of the Indian population still sticks by pain-relieving medications which often accompany unpleasant side-effects. A modern treatment, Dry Needling might be the answer.

First, what is it? Dry needling is less scary than acupuncture. During the procedure, a certified therapist inserts a thin needle into the stimulation spot, which prompts the muscle to relax and restore. The treatment in itself does not hurt but patients may experience minor discomfort.

Here are some indications, that you should try Dry Needling:

1. You cannot do without pain medications which are often accompanied by side- effects

2. You have painful muscle knots that have caused muscle stiffness

3. Massage has not helped the pain

Overall, Dry Needling could help you achieve an active life and help with easy movement. Chronic pain may not go away for good but Dry Needling coupled with great stretching will surely help to get back to a better life.

ParkMed’s physiotherapy department is taking steps to find treatments that can offer patients relief without opioid medication. Consult our therapist and receive a treatment that is right for you. Contact us at 080 4890 3489 to make your appointment.

Author- Likitha Kupendra

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