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Fixing yourself during stressful times…. in and outside your office!

Feeling miserable at work? Well, you’re not the only one. Nearly 80% of today’s workforce in India complains about ‘occupational stress’. The same is classified as a medical hazard, which has significant repercussions on an individual’s physical and mental health (ET Bureau, 2016).

Read on to find seven ways to reduce stress if you often find yourself tensed at work :

1. A good night’s sleep: Catching 8 hours of sleep can boost your mental awareness and energy levels at work.

2. Make more friends: Enjoy a rich social life, join a yoga class, take up a new habit. Stay connected and have a good time.

3. Don’t Worry: The best way to avoid workplace anxiety is to get off your seat and go say ‘hello’ to your colleagues or working on a few relaxation techniques.

4. Learn to Relax: Deep breathing, meditation and yoga are powerful stress busters.

5. Become organised: Organise your work and personal life efficiently by planning your day efficiently and in advance.

6. Cultivate good habits: Planting your own vegetable patch, taking that morning walk, eating

vegetables every day, exercising, leading an unhurried lifestyle or whatever else that makes you happy - cultivate them...repeat them!

7. Ask for help: Open up to your spouse, family or friends if something seems to bother you. In case stress persists, talk to your doctor.

ParkMed Healthcare’s certified psychologist and psychotherapists would be happy to help you further. Contact us at 080 4890 3489 if you want to make an appointment.


ET Bureau (2016). Business News Live, Share Market News - Read Latest Finance News, IPO, Mutual Funds News. [online] The Economic Times. Available at: [Accessed 23 Jan. 2019].

Author - Likitha Kupendra
Approved by - Dr Indu Vishwanath (Clinical Psychologist)

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