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Our highly experienced team offers Comprehensive Counselling to all Age groups and provides services such as Neuropsychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Memory Clinics, and Child Psychiatry.

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Helping you to have right body through right food. Prevention and treatment of dieseases through nutrient dense diet.

Weight management through nutrition focuses on an ideal body with a physically active body. We work with you to design smart eating solutions and help you in having the right body.

Your health reflects your baby’s health and happiness. Prepare yourself nutritionally for the new change in your life.

Eating well is one of the best way females can take care of themselves and of those dependent on them. We can help you to get through your busy schedule, maintain your weight and also look your best.

Helping you manage diabetes, hypertension, hyper cholesterol, hypothyroidism and other lifestyle diseases through correct food and right diet plan.

The food we eat is directly associated with our behavior, cognition, and mood. It is an important factor in controlling mental illnesses. We will not only give you correct diet plan but will also connect with your counselor for your well being.

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